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The Singing Line

As you travel through the red dirt landscapes of Central Australia, you will occasionally see lone poles of weathered hardwood protruding from the ground. Occasionally, they might be topped with a white porcelain insulator, or even a few corroded remnants of copper wire. Mostly, though, they are just simple poles, like withered, denuded trees, leafless, […]

Wide Awake in Dreamland

Discover the ancient wonders of Uluru and Kata Tjuta in the heart of Australia’s Red Centre. The Dreamtime. When the ancestors awoke, there was nothing. The universe was dark; the Earth was lifeless. There were no stars glittering in the sky, and the moon was invisible. The ancestors had lain sleeping, deep in the ground, […]

Solid Rocks: History & Culture on the Larapinta Trail

THE DREAMING Before the Dreamtime there was nothing. The Earth was flat and lifeless; no stars glittered in the sky. The universe was dark and silent. The Ancestors lay sleeping, deep in the ground where they had passed the ages. But the Ancestors were restless; their long sleep was nearing its end. On the first […]

Across the Red Ranges: Highlights of the Larapinta Trail

West of Alice Springs, the western section of the MacDonnell Ranges rises in a series of parallel red ridges, stretched out across the wide, horizontal landscape of Central Australia. Known as Tjoritja by the local Arrernte people, the ranges run from Heavitree Gap, at Alice Springs, to beyond the distant heights of Mount Zeil, the highest peak in the range.

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