There is “going for a walk” and “taking a hike” and then there is experiencing a bushwhacking trek along the LARAPINTA TRAIL.  Extending 223 km long from beginning to end, the LARAPINTA TRAIL is one of Central Australia’s most phenomenal trekking experiences.  Although it is a fairly new trail, the LARAPINTA TRAIL is quickly becoming not onlyone of the most popularly traveled trails in Australia, but in the world.

Your trek will begin at the Old Alice Springs Telegraph Station with the trail then having you making your way through a variety of gaps, open and closed gorges, and across intense and rugged ranges. It is a rigorous trek, to be certain. The terrain is rocky and rough and there can be limited shade and vegetation. Some of the grades are 45 degrees plus.  There are very few flat areas and the average elevation along the trail is around 850 meters. In other words, this is a true trekker’s dream trail; daunting and perhaps intimidating but yet exhilarating all at the same time.  This is not all for naught though, because along the way, you will take in some of the most awe-inspiring and stunning views.  The LARAPINTA TRAIL will gift its trekkers with spectacular scenery including that of Simpsons Gap, Ellery Creek Big Hole, Ormiston Gorge and Glen Helen.  You’ll also get to immerse yourself in the stunning views from Mount Sonder, which is the highest point and the end of the trail.  Make certain you bring a camera because even the most amateur of photographers is certain to end up with an amazing photographic portfolio of some of the most beautiful scenery that Central Australia has to offer and that is certain to leave you breathless.

Imagine yourself walking the same path that the aborigines have been walking for centuries.  One can only imagine the stories that could be told for every footprint that has been left before yours.  It would be safe to say that your trek along the LARAPINTA TRAIL will be one that stays engraved upon the recesses of your mind for a lifetime.  Our goal is to give you a trip that you will never forget.

Every part of your trek is planned out to a fine detail.  Support vehicles follow along which means you need only carry a back pack with your daily needs in it.  Each night you will camp out in equipment supplied by our ground support crew as well as indulge in fully catered meals.  

Just take a moment now to imagine yourself sitting by a campfire with the wide open night sky as your ceiling while you listen to stories about ancient legends and myths in regard to the area and the indigenous people.  It most assuredly goes without saying that your trek along the LARAPINTA TRAIL will be one that will leave you awe struck with the beauty and mystique that Australia has to offer.

Please contact us with any questions.  It would be our pleasure to help you plan your trip of a lifetime!