What’s not Included


As we are camping you will need to be prepared for this. You’ll need to bring a hands free head torch (flashlight), hat (wide brimmed best), sunscreen, insect repellent, any required medication, water bottle (at least 3-4 litres), walking shoes/boots, warm clothing (winter), toiletries, swim wear, towel, camera, extra film or batteries and a great sense of humour; Travel Voucher/Ticket.


Prepare for both seasons, however, consider that what you start walking with may have to be removed and stored or carried. Convertible Trousers (or zip pants) are an excellent example of practical clothing. Thermals, woolen socks, beanie, gloves, scarf and good pullovers or windbreakers are recommended. Also a good wide brim hat and appropriate warm weather clothing should be packed.

A comfortable change of clothes at the end of the day is wise (tracksuit, jacket, etc) with good comfortable footwear e.g. Ugg Boots. The Red Centre gets its red description from the dirt so taking good clothing during the trek is not recommended.


Having two Packs for your trek is considered mandatory;

  • A Day Pack for carrying daily food requirements, camera, water bottle, excess clothing and personal items.
  • A larger pack for clothing and other personal items which will be retained at the camp locations. Baggage should be no more than 15kg.

Please note that Suitcases or similar are not appropriate. Excess luggage can be kept in the safe storage facilities at your accommodation in Alice Springs.


Towels are not provided on the tour. Please bring your own for bathing, swimming or showering.


Alcohol is not supplied on the tour. As opportunities to purchase liquor do not exist once we leave Alice Springs, please discuss this with your tour leader at the pre-tour meeting in order that any supplies can be secured before departure.

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