Camping Fitness & Health


Our tours are true outback camping and walking adventures. We can walk up to 18km’s each day so a reasonable level of fitness is required.


As this is the outback there is no ready access to power, water or essential services. The camp sites are chosen for the experience on offer, locality to the walking trails and the sheer beauty, peace and quiet they engender.

You will be sleeping in traditional Aussie Swags comprising mattress, sheets, pillow, blankets and of course, a sleeping bag. Tents are available (single or double configuration) although you will be required to assist with putting it up and dismantling.

Portable lighting (head lights or similar) are highly recommended. Portable toilets and change facilities are erected at each camp site. This is a genuine camping experience so is rustic in nature. However, there is nothing like a roaring fire, sensational meals and the best multi star accommodation possible to more than compensate for any lack of home comforts.


Being a camping experience, a great part of the social aspect is in assisting with the day to day duties around the campsite like food preparation, cleaning, wood collection, etc. To ensure your tour goes smoothly, please chip in and do your bit.


To ensure your travel with us is enjoyable and without incident, medical conditions must be made known to our Reservations staff at the time of booking. Due to large distances between towns, we remind customers that we may be many hours away from a medical facility. We reserve the right to seek a Medical Clearance before travelling with us. You are encouraged to carry enough medication required for the duration of your safari. Cold storage is available where required.

Should a medical condition not be declared at the time of booking, Walking Country reserves the right to refuse travel. In these instances Walking Country will not be held responsible for any additional expenses incurred or cancellation fees imposed as a result of non disclosure on our tours or that of any other tour operator, accommodation provider, airline etc. We recommend you discuss any medical concerns you may have with our reservations staff.

Special Dietary Requirements

All dietary requirements must be declared at the time of booking. Walking Country will not be held responsible for the catering/food supply of any individual where a dietary condition is undeclared.

Other than Alice Springs, food restocking facilities or similar are minimal in the outback and in many instances only basic food groups are available. Whilst we will endeavour to cater for your dietary requirements, it may not be possible to address some food or brand requests due to the limited availability. As such, you may be requested to supply your own food type or brand. Walking Country is not obligated to meet any of these costs. Please consult with our reservations staff at the time of booking.

Being Prepared

Trekking Boots
Ensure that your trekking footwear has been well and truly broken in before tackling the Larapinta.

This will be the key concern as the trekking is tough at best. Ensure that you have ample blister tape or plasters for the duration of the tour.

Motion Sickness
Some of the vehicle access into areas is slow, rough and can be uncomfortable although essential. Those who suffer motion sickness should prepare accordingly.

Pre Tour Illness
For those suffering or getting over an influenza, or other illness pre tour should ensure any prescriptions and/or medicines are taken on the trek and maintained for the duration or until the prescription ends. This is for your own comfort and safety as well as ensuring other members of the tour are not affected. A Medical Practitioners Clearance may be requested before acceptance to the Trek.