Walking Country has been working to minimise the impact we have on our beautiful and delicate Central Australian desert environment since our inception.

Climate Change is something that affects us all and something we need to help address if we want to continue to run a sustainable and responsible business, not to mention a future for our kids.

Having been involved with Outback Offsets through sister company Wayoutback Desert Safaris, a joint pilot program established by Tourism NT (The Northern Territory Governments tourism agency) last year and which has now concluded, we are voluntarily taking up the challenge to become Carbon Neutral by the end of 2009. Aside from our own efforts to reduce our carbon emissions, the use of diesel fuel is an integral part of our business as a tour operator and impossible to eliminate. To counter this we have undertaken to offset the carbon emissions for all our customers on all our safaris Free of charge.

The money required to offset your emissions will go to LMS Generation Pty Ltd, an Australian Government approved Greenhouse Friendly™ abatement provider. The LMS abatement is from the Shoal Bay Landfill Gas Generation project in Darwin which produces electricity from methane gas harvested from waste.

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