As part of our ongoing commitment to ensuring tourism is environmentally sustainable, Walking Country is currently having its entire Trekking portfolio assessed in accordance with the world recognised Eco Certification Program, administered by Eco Tourism Australia.

We are constantly reviewing operational procedures seeking further reduction of our Carbon Footprint.

We have implemented the following pro-active measures:

  • reducing cooling and heating emissions by installing a tropical roof in the office
  • replacing office PCs with laptops to reduce the carbon footprint
  • recycling office paper
  • reducing fuel usage by upgrading the vehicle fleet from 9 seat vehicles to 14 seats
  • reducing power usage by installing skylights in the operations/vehicle shed and therefore utilising natural light
  • using recycled materials in the building and maintenance of campsites where appropriate
  • re-vegetating campsites at regular intervals to minimise visitor impact on areas
  • reducing water usage by purchasing front loading washing machines for washing
  • using sunshine to dry sleeping bags instead of commercial dryers
  • reducing plastic bags & excess packaging by centralising food ordering and supply for tours
  • using non-plastic tour crockery – cups/plates, etc
  • We use refillable cartridges for all our printers
  • reusing of discarded water containers as ice bricks instead of purchasing cooler blocks
  • We use old newspapers for cleaning vehicle windows
  • We recycle all our engine oil
  • All our late model vehicles comply with the most up-to-date emissions regulations
  • We encourage our staff to walk or cycle to work a few times a week
  • And last but not least the Boss, Don Wait, has committed at a personal level to cycling to work two days a week to reduce our daily operations vehicle carbon footprint – once his leg has mended itself. Other staff members are also walking or cycling to work to help make a difference.

Becoming Carbon Neutral
Environmental Management Policy
Ecotourism Accreditation