About Us

Walking Country was established by Wayoutback Desert Safaris in response to the growing demand by travellers for experiential walking based tours of Central Australia as well as the increased awareness of the now famous Larapinta Trail.

With nearly 10 years operating small group 4-wheel drive tours of Central Australia, Advanced Eco Tourism status, extensive indigenous content and a great reputation for authentic tours away from the crowds, Walking Country and the Larapinta was the perfect progression for Wayoutback.

It was also important to continue with the same ethos as Wayoutback to help people gain a true understanding of the unique landscape, history and wonders of the West MacDonnell Ranges and Central Australia.


Walking Country is a genuine small group tour operator based out of Alice Springs. Our maximum carrying capacity is 16 passengers in our late model air conditioned Mitsubishi Canter 4WD’s which are specially modified for “the bush”. Our standard 5 and 7 Day treks are limited to 14 persons. The End to End trek is limited to 8 persons per guide. Where numbers exceed this, additional guides and support crew will be considered.

The smaller group numbers provide our Guides with more flexibility and versatility not generally available with larger group sizes so they can showcase the many unique features of this beautiful region. It is fair to state that those who travel with Walking Country actually realise the true “Aussie” outback in a friendly and relaxed manner.


At Walking Country we pride ourselves on the very high standard of our guides. They all have a sound knowledge of our local area focusing on its history, Aboriginal culture, geology and the natural environment.

By evaluating our guide’s performance after every tour we ensure that a high standard is maintained. All our guides are trained by an accredited tourism ECO guide.